Environment, Medical Malpractice & Labor Law

¢º Environment

Ahn & Partners is much pleased to offer highly experienced environmental law professional to assist clients in settling environmental complications. Our environment law attorney possesses in-depth expertise in environment law and experience in court litigation and cherishes a strong faith in keeping the environment clean and free of legal conflicts.

The practice area covers :

Relief from general noise, vibration, dust and offensive odor
Claims against infringement of a right to sunlight or view
Water pollution, ocean pollution, wastes
Airplane noise

¢º Medical Malpractice

Ahn & Partners provides representation in medical malpractice cases. Representing victims of serious injury arising from medical malpractice or other acts of negligence is relatively new and requires in-depth knowledge and litigation skills to prove medical practitioners¡¯ malpractice. The Firm has proved its capacity to successfully litigate negligence of physician and hospital, birth injury and misdiagnosis.

¢º Labor Law

Our Firm¡¯s labor law practice includes the representation of employers and employees in the following areas:

Litigation of all forms of discrimination (gender discrimination in particular)
Wrongful discharge, unlawful transfer, workers¡¯ wages, retirement pay
Breach of employment contract
Denial of benefits, underpay
Legal advice regarding employment rights
Workers¡¯ claims against worker¡¯s union