Securities, Banking & Insurance

Through our successful court performances, Ahn & Partners has been compiling knowledge and litigation skills regarding securities, banking and insurance to represent both individuals and financial institutions.

¢º Securities

The Firm represents clients involving in disputes out of the consignment contract between customers and securities business regarding sale and purchase of securities lawsuit against false management of security companies in case of subscription and sale of securities, and claims for compensation for damage incurred out of unfair trade practice.

¢º Banking

Ahn & Partners represents lenders and borrowers in a wide financial transactions including loans secured by real property, surety and individual credit. We also represent borrowers under unlawful enforcement of lender¡¯s right to collect loaned money.

¢º Insurance

The Firm advises insurers, brokers and insureds on all kinds of regulatory, coverage and liability matters. Especially, we strongly represent insureds who got involved in such unfortunate accidents as general personal injury,
car accidents, fire and industrial disaster. In addition, we provide corporations with precautionary counsel about mandatory insurance requirement for employees under Korean laws to meet regulatory governmental compliance.