International Practices

Ahn & Partners integrated all international legal services into the International Practice Group which provides specialized legal services in international transactions and trade, representation of foreign nationals in Korean courts, maritime laws and U.S. immigration laws.

¢º International Transactions and Trade

International Practice Group of Ahn & Partners represents domestic and global businesses and individuals in the global market, advising them on Korean laws and foreign laws regarding international transactions

The Group is staffed by U.S. attorneys and Korean attorneys who have handled a wide range of international trade cases and served as an arbitrator to Korea Commercial Arbitration Board and professor teaching international trade law. The Group works in close collaboration with foreign law firms in case of further local assistance. Currently the Group is representing domestic and foreign clients from U.S.A., China, Singapore and Russia in international trade cases and other civil and criminal cases.

In addition, the Group represents international clients who get involved in criminal activities, suffer from unfair treatment or need other legal assistances.

The areas of international transactions in which the International Practice Group has been involved cover:

Business consulting on the soundness of counterpart exporting /importing businesses

Advices on Korean and foreign laws and regulations concerning all levels of international transactions and trade (regulatory compliance, unfair trade practices, customs clearance, licensing, fund transfer, product distribution and other contractual issues)

Advice and assistance with regard to making international trade agreements (export/import agreement, OEM, joint venture and foreign investment)

Conduct of all aspects of international commercial arbitration and mediation

Representation of international clients in courts for breach of contract and damages

Representation of international client in all criminal and civil matters

¢º Maritime Law

Maritime law practice is our principal area of concentration since our Firm is based in Busan, the largest port city in Korea, boasting its capacity to accommodate a wide trade volume coming and going around world.

From its inception, Ahn & partners has been handling a wide variety of maritime law issues with special knowledge of the field.

The Firm benefits from attorney who is a legal advisor to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries and staffs who have many years of practical experience as former seamen, having served in the maritime industry. Our unique combination of expertise in sea laws and practical experience makes the Firm a most effective team to represent domestic and international marine industry.

We provide full advice and counsel in maritime business transactions to avoid unwanted legal conflicts and perform litigations in court to restore or defend clients¡¯ rights. Our maritime law practice includes virtually all aspects of this ancient area of the law:

Contracts regarding the sale, purchase, and building of ship & repairs of ship, transportations, registry of ship
Seaman¡¯s claims regarding wages, maritime injury, compensation for disability on board.
Charter parties (Time charter, Voyage charter, Bareboat charter)
Petition for Limitation of ship owners¡¯ liability
Suits for contracts for the carriage of goods and passengers
Bills of lading
Marine insurance claims (cargo & hull)
Cargo loss and damage
Maritime lien
Provisional dispositions of ship,
Proceedings to foreclose preferred ship-mortgages
Arrest & release of ship
Suits to recover vessels wrongfully taken or withheld.
Suits for general average, collision & salvage, maintenance and cure
Marine pollution - liability and compensation for damage caused by ships

¢º U.S. & Korean immigration Law

The Group currently expanded its scope of practice to U.S. immigration law to advise and assist Koreans who wish to visit, immigrate and work in the U.S. We also welcome foreign nationals who seek information and advice on Korean immigration laws.

The U.S. immigration practice covers:

Temporary visas (B-1/B-2, E-1/E-2, F-1, H-1B, J-1, K-1, L-1, O-1, P-1, R-1)
Green card (Family-based / Employment-based / Investment-based)
Citizenship (Naturalization)
Change of status

The Korean immigration practice covers:
Advice and representation on Korean immigration laws and other related legal matters regarding entry, stay, departure, extension of stay, deportation, passport, visa, acquisition & loss of nationality, naturalization, labor and marriage.