Wills & Family Laws
Ahn & Partners attempts to provide most favorable solutions for family disputes over the following:

Marriage and property rights,
Divorce (divorce by consent & divorce by court)
Custody of children,
Child support,
Child & spousal abuse,
Affiliation of child,
Juvenile delinquency,
Application for incompetence of individual,
Adjudication of one¡¯s disappearance,
Wills and estate

Domestic relations are being governed under Korean Civil Act, Family Litigation Act, Domestic Causes Inquires Act and some special family laws.

Due to the special nature of lawsuit regarding family disputes, a greater portion of family disputes is settled through mediation procedure. Thus, attorneys at Ahn & Partners represent clients in family courts and participate in applying for mediation procedure in order to reduce legal costs and minimize any unnecessary emotional conflicts among parties in the courtroom.