Corporate Law
Ahn & Partners provides comprehensive counsel and representation over all corporate business activities. These legal services aim to give solutions tailored to satisfy corporate clientsĄŻ business objectives and interests. The clients served by Ahn & Partners range from small and mid-sized private companies to large and international companies. The Firm also provides Corporate Laws Counseling Service to constantly provide legal advice and realize risk free management of corporation.

Advice on planning and negotiations for establishment of corporations
Advice on promotion and incorporation of corporation
Assistance to make corporate contracts
Advice on government regulations over corporate business activities
Advice on risk management in international transactions
Litigation to repeal decisions from general meeting of shareholders
Legal disputes on drafts and checks
Corporate financing , Lease transactions & acquisition and sale of corporate real estate
Non-compete agreements
General corporate matters including compensation arrangements, loan transactions, employment, license, and strategic ventures
Bankruptcy & composition, corporate reorganization
Sales of corporate assets
Corporate taxation
Advice on employment, labor laws and industrial disaster
Legal services on corporate intellectual property